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What do you want to do this session?

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What do you want to do this session? Empty What do you want to do this session?

Post by Hector THE HAMMER Harken on Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:06 pm

Hello Adventurers.

It's your necks on the line so as always it's your choice! 

I'll let you know what we've got happening at the moment.

Of course, feel free to suggest alternatives!

Martin's collated some info here: (check the first and last posts) http://theforgedlands.forumotion.com/t15-unravelling-mysteries

Here's the main happenings:

Underground Black Market 
The local necromancers seem to buy and sell at a secret subterranean market. We got the entry phrase from Edric, the new kid at the stained-glass workshop who used to roll with the Monarch gang. Could be worth investigating.
MISSION TYPE - Espionage
PRIZES - A corrupt merchant has a stall there selling gems and treasure maps, if you're not against stealing.

Dockworker Murdered 
Kaiser the Red, long term Sanctuary resident and personal friend of mine was murdered at the docks and his body put on display. The murderer has never been caught. Justice needs to be done.
MISSION TYPE - Murder mystery, investigation
PRIZE - A favour from the Sanctuary mayor. AND cash reward from town coffers.

Monsters In the Ruined Chapel 
A merchant was attacked at the old ruined chapel. He made it back to sanctuary suffering some horrific bite wounds. The rest of his crew were killed. He's offered a 500 gold reward for whomever clears out the chapel. Find the scarred merchant in the tavern if you want this mission. He seems pretty spooked though. Tread carefully. 
UPDATE - I have a secret stone that apparently unlocks a hidden cellar that we didn't find on a previous visit. Could be some treasure!!
MISSION TYPE - Action, kill all monsters
PRIZE - 500 gold, plus any treasure in the temple.

Dwarven Wedding 
We need a priest (preferably of a dwarven faith) and some entertainers (Bards? Poets? Bagpipers?) to attend a dwarven wedding in the nearby dwarvish town of Inen Tolis. We will be guests of honor! 
Their own priest abandoned the town after joining the necromancers, so they have no-one to conduct ceremonies anymore.
Expect banquets, drinks, friendly competitions. 
PRIZE - 100 gold per person

See anything you like? Got any other ideas? Let's talk and come up with a plan!


Hector THE HAMMER Harken
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