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What do you want to do this session?

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What do you want to do this session? Empty What do you want to do this session?

Post by Hector THE HAMMER Harken on Mon Sep 25, 2017 1:59 pm

Martin has been tracking goings-on in the Tavern, here:

Main jobs I can think of:

Necromancer Cult - we know of a secret market that they attend, if anyone wants to go undercover.

Inquisitor Chalk - there is a rather frightening Inquisitor with several heavy bodyguards looking for anyone involved in the mission we did for Prince Yhusuf that ended with the killing of Zora. You and I know that was self-defense. But Chalk is not really open to a dialogue. I'd recommend avoiding him if you can.

Peter Prosecco - missing in action, searching for a flaming battleaxe. Does anyone care? I don't.

Haunted Forests - another nearby forest has started to die, much like the haunted forest that Red has been investigating. A few dead animals are walking around. Grim stuff. Could be worth looking into?

Meteor Strike - There's been a small meteor shower landing two days walk from here. If the meteors left behind some ore it could be some easy money. We just need to send a team out there to recover the ore.

Boat Stolen From Docks - Gerard Nevis, the Sanctuary harbormaster has been riding my ass because SOMEONE borrowed a boat to investigate a smuggler's cave and the boat got stolen. The boat has been spotted mired in some mud near a sunken temple near the ruins of Derlusk. We need to get it back. Gerard is a furious and petty dwarf. Maybe there's some treasure in that temple though eh? Opportunity knocks.

The murder of Kaiser the Red - more dock related news, Kaiser the Red, a dock worker, was murdered and his body put on display. I've known Kaiser since day one of arriving on this island. He was a good man and did not deserve what happened to him. We need to catch those responsible. But no-one knows who did it.

Dwarven Wedding - Big Duncan (as a cleric of Berronar Truesilver) is invited to officiate a dwarven wedding for Clan Mir. Should be a good time! Makes a change from all that killin'. We can let them know when we're ready and they will plan the ceremony around us. Isn't that nice? 

And of course, anything else that you may be thinking of! Share your ideas and preferences here.
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