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1. How to register your character for the forums

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1. How to register your character for the forums Empty 1. How to register your character for the forums

Post by Hector THE HAMMER Harken on Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:42 pm

To use these forums you will need to create an account for your character.

Click the REGISTER button beneath the awesome imagery of a black dragon murdering a knight

For your USERNAME write your character name. Not your regular human name. Please use title case as appropriate, spaces between names are allowed. You can change your name at a later date so don't worry too much about getting this absolutely perfect.

You will also need to enter your CLASS. For example, Barbarian, Cleric, Monk, Wizard and so on. If you don't know what this is yet you can guess or type anything you like, we can change it later!

Once you are registered you can LOG IN and start using the forums! Once logged in click the PROFILE button to update or change any aspects of your character. There are tabs for all the different aspects. If possible, find a representative image of your character online and upload it as an avatar under the AVATAR tab within your profile. Your DM will be happy to help with this, or any other aspect of the game.

Now, go to the Tavern, introduce yourself, make some new topics and have fun! The forums will be used to share information, distribute loot and arrange game sessions. Don't miss out!
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