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5. What makes our campaign different?

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5. What makes our campaign different? Empty 5. What makes our campaign different?

Post by Hector THE HAMMER Harken on Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:45 pm

A typical D&D campaign involves 4-6 players and one Dungeon Master (DM) who narrates and arbitrates the rules.

They go through a single story arc which takes place over many game sessions. Players need to get together around a table to continue their story for each session which can be logistically difficult.

This campaign is however, different. It will feature about 20 player characters, all members of an Adventurer's Guild. The dates of each session will be published long in advance. Each session will have room for up to 6 players who will book themselves for each session using the polls in the forums (in the event of overbooking players with the least sessions played will be prioritised in the name of fair access). 

Each session will be self contained and will start with the party leaving Sanctuary and will end with their return (or death). The missions that you go on will be entirely up to YOU. A huge post apocalyptic island is yours to uncover and your actions will change the landscape and your affiliations with the various natives you may run into. Decisions made in one session will have repercussions for future sessions.

This means that we can have a rotating roster of guild members joining up for missions, different characters with different skills and backstories all working together. Characters will return to the Tavern in Sanctuary to share their findings and boast of their kills. Together the Guild will uncover the secrets of the Forged Lands.

Half the sessions will be played at Imperial College and the other half in a pub or living room in Forest Hill or London. While only I.C staff can play in the former, all are welcome at the latter. 

Newcomers to D&D are not only welcomed they are encouraged. Most of the Adventurer's Guild are first timers. Even the DM is pretty new to all this.

There are two main rules.

1. Have fun!
2. Don't be a jerk!

If you have a friend or colleague that you think will be interested, be sure to put them in touch with the DM. As long as they abide by the above rules!
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