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Welcome to the Bakery!

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Welcome to the Bakery! Empty Welcome to the Bakery!

Post by Jurathor on Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:54 pm

Hail fellow adventurers

I must confess to a very odd dream I had the previous night. I seemed to be sat at a table of extremely sharp angles, oddly reinforced with some metal I had never seen before, in front of me a bright square with many words imposed on it. It was either some amazing magic or a fantasy but somehow the words on it felt important.

It bade me to ask if any amongst you had 'allergies' or specific 'dietary requirements' to inform me prior to your arrival

I do not keep stocks of alcohol in my home so you will need to bring your own should you wish to consume such. Other drinks will be available

I ask that you remove you shoes at the door

There are also unreasonable neighbours who like to leave multiple carriages in the limited spaces outside the Bakery so I would recommend coming via other means unless you are happy to leave your personal carriage possibly a few minutes from my abode

If you had any other questions please send me a letter directly

For Mishakal!


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