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Hunt down Vampire Spawn
Infiltrate the Black Market
Help the Dwarves of Irinel vs invading orcs
Map out the island
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Post by Hector THE HAMMER Harken on Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:50 am

All guild members are encouraged to vote on mission choices (even if you will not be attending)


Hunt down Vampire Spawn (search and destroy mission)

In session 16 the Guild discovered a man, David Penny, who had been transformed into a feral vampire spawn. He was last seen locked in a cell in the basement of Penny Chapel. He must be destroyed!

Infiltrate the Black Market (stealth mission)

We have the location and passphrase of a secret black market frequented by Necromancers and the Monarch gang. We can sneak in, get some intel, steal some treasure. 

Help the Dwarves of Irinel vs invading orcs (combat/diplomacy mission)

Our new allies, the dwarves of the town of Irinel, have orcs amassing on their border, threatening the fragile peace treaty that exists between the two. The dwarves have asked for our help.

Map out the island (exploration mission)

See anything on the map you'd like to explore further? Got any leads? Want to wander the wilderness and see if we find any leads?

OTHER (please make suggestions)

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