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New Map (session 20)

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New Map (session 20)  Empty New Map (session 20)

Post by Hector THE HAMMER Harken on Tue Mar 20, 2018 2:05 pm

Before now we've only known the land in as far as we had explored it. But the recent mission uncovered a treasure map that revealed whole swathes of the island to us.
I have painstakingly updated our maps with this new information… have a look here!

(If you need more clarity, you can view the full size images by clicking the link beneath each image.)

Here is the our previous map...
New Map (session 20)  EFyGhPL
[full size link]

Here is the treasure map we discovered...
New Map (session 20)  3kDi6pu

[full size link]

And here is our updated map! Holy heck!
New Map (session 20)  Mbsh99n
[full size link]

It seems that the southern half of this island contains several hidden treasures, "Navaratna Gems" which must be presented at a place called Orval to gain access to the rest of the island to the East. Before the Eschaton, Orval was a grand city, full of glittering cathedrals to Oghma and Gilean. Perhaps it still stands as a beacon of civilisation?

The burglar known as "The Fish" had secured two of the gems. One is now with us, one has been returned to the Halfling village of Watersmeet, the original owners. Navaratna Gems seem to give off an ethereal, full spectrum glow, like a rainbow.

The red stars on the map are hidden Navaratna gems, the blue stars are the two discovered ones.

There are supposed to be 9 but the map only marks 8. What do you think is happening here?

One last thing... on the updated map (and the treasure map) there are white lines. You see them? One travels just south of Sanctuary, through the grounds of the Penny Chapel. The other cuts through a mountain range and goes through the yet undiscovered gatehouse owned by Clan Mir... these lines represent borders on the island. Each border we cross will see us face deadlier foes and new clans and organisations. Some borders are maintained, others are open. When we cross one we should take care. 
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