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Hunt down Vampire Spawn (search and destroy mission)
Infiltrate the Black Market (stealth mission)
Help the Dwarves of Irinel vs invading orcs (combat mission)
Assault the Necromancer's Outpost (combat mission)
Other (please make suggestions!)
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Post by Hector THE HAMMER Harken on Mon Feb 19, 2018 1:07 pm

Time to pick a course of action for this session.
I've listed a few options on the POLL. But please feel free to suggest other courses of action. 

Vote early if you can, gives me time to prep!

Here's a breakdwon

Hunt down Vampire Spawn (search and destroy mission)

In session 16 the Guild discovered a man, David Penny, who had been transformed into a feral vampire spawn. He was last seen locked in a cell in the basement of Penny Chapel. He must be destroyed!

Infiltrate the Black Market (stealth mission)

We have the location and passphrase of a secret black market frequented by Necromancers and the Monarch gang. We can sneak in, get some intel, steal some treasure. 

Help the Dwarves of Irinel vs invading orcs (combat/diplomacy mission)

Our new allies, the dwarves of the town of Irinel, have orcs amassing on their border, threatening the fragile peace treaty that exists between the two. The dwarves have asked for our help.

Destroy the Necromancer's Outpost (combat mission)

An outpost of necromancers exists south of Irinel. We should wipe them out.

Other (please make suggestions!)

If anyone has any personal or unfinished business, or ideas, or leads, please suggest them here!
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