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A snowy adventure of doom (Session 14)

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A snowy adventure of doom (Session 14) Empty A snowy adventure of doom (Session 14)

Post by Jurathor on Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:00 pm

It has taken some time for me to be able to speak of the events of the strange winter cast upon Sanctuary a few months back, my own harrowing memories play tricks on my mind, but for the sake of the Guild I have commited all that I recall to the archives

Myself, the incorrigible Aexidor Fargerios, and a noble Paladin who we newly made our acquitance with, Martin Dragonsbane, were the only ones available to investigate the mysterious winter which had befallen the island. More sinister were the disappearances of various town dwellers, including the healer Holly Grassblade, and a kindly old man known as the Saint in town. Most worrying of the disappearances though were the children

The rumors suggested a beast of some sort. But the remaining children in town seemed to mention a unicorn, a legendary magical beast which I had assumed to be no more than a fantasy.

Going to the archives to try and research what might be happening, I came across some notes of a former ice mage turned high undead sorceror, or lich as they are better known, Aster Quilo, who had been buried in a temple dedicated to the God of Murder. It was noted a sacrifice of sufficient potency could be enough to restore him to unlife. This terryfying revelation brought into sharp focus the peril the missing persons were in, and in an effort to prevent any more kidnappings we attempted to gather all the children in the town temple

To no avail as it turned out as the assailant managed to break past while their ice demon minions distracted us, and took all the remaining children. We chased the foe down on what turned out to be a posssessed unicorn, but were nearly struck down utterly by a spell of devastating potency, which left us with only the option of returning to town to heal. Fortunately we knew where the enemy was going.

We returned the next day and thanks to the skill of Aexidor were able to get to the temple undetected. Inside we came across a mausoleum, with various trinkets of power, largely we left these alone, particularly after finding a shrine to the god of murder leading off from the room

It is still unclear how this had happened, but the kindly old saint had himself become possessed somehow, and was channelling the power of Aster Quilo, attempting to bring himself fully back into the plane of existence by sacrificing all the children, he had also managed to both charm the unicorn to him, but then get a bracelet on him to turn him into a ragebeast under his control. We had to face down the poor creature, but our attempts to break off the chain initially failed, and I sent my companions on to stop the Saint before he killed the children.

I was overrun though by the evil ice demon minions, and while my attention was diverted, I ... was gored to near death by the raging unicorn, who left my broken body to go after my allies. I knew little of what transpired over the next few minutes, only the agony and the horror of the hole in my chest, and the vague noises of battle further into the temple.

However I was blessed this day by my lady Mishakal and a surge of life infused me, giving me enough lifeforce to heal myself and stumble my way to help our allies. The Saint himself was a formidable foe, but he clearly was not up to full strength and was unprepared for the fury Aexidor and Martin were to unleash upon him. He attemptd after taking greivious damage to run away but between a combination of my own illusion piercing skills and quick thinking from my allies, as well as a little cockiness on his part, we were about to destroy the host utterly before he could escape

So in the end we were able to rescue all the others, and we came out of it - surprisingly - with only minor injuries.

It was this that prompted me to teach my oldest friend and ally in the ways of the Paladin, for should I fall I would wish for him to carry on my important mission here in the Forged Lands. I also decided to start a bakery, because I enjoy the craft and... well I have a reinforced appreciation of life and making sure I enjoy my time on this plane

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A snowy adventure of doom (Session 14) Empty Re: A snowy adventure of doom (Session 14)

Post by Hector THE HAMMER Harken on Wed Jan 31, 2018 2:59 pm

Aster Quilo? 

His hunger for immortality knows no bounds.

I remember hearing about his tyranny when I was a serving soldier. I do not think that is the last we have seen of him... but I mourn the death of the Saint... he was a good man.
Hector THE HAMMER Harken
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A snowy adventure of doom (Session 14) Empty Re: A snowy adventure of doom (Session 14)

Post by Aexidor Fargeiros on Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:54 pm

Minor injuries!?!?!?! I lost an ear Jurathor. One of my beautiful ears. It was a deep tragedy but luckily Hally has been able to grow me a new ear and you would not even know I had lost one.

I must say this unicorn was a fearsome beast, not because of its own want but because it has a chain around its neck making it evil. Luckily we did not have to kill the magnificent beast, although due to our potential deaths we did have to consider it for the chain was so very strong. But Martin managed to make a chink and in the end get the chain off.

Needless to say, we were pleased to save the children and to have ended the fearful winter. And having lost an ear, I used the wound and my usual charm to make the most of my time whilst healing, in the bedroom. I did not have an life epiphanies like you Jurathor, but then I do my best to enjoy the things I love in life now.
Aexidor Fargeiros
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A snowy adventure of doom (Session 14) Empty Re: A snowy adventure of doom (Session 14)

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