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Tavern chatter in the wake of Dvorak's slaying (and my rescue)

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Tavern chatter in the wake of Dvorak's slaying (and my rescue) Empty Tavern chatter in the wake of Dvorak's slaying (and my rescue)

Post by Hector THE HAMMER Harken on Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:28 pm

Big Duncan:
Fellows, you may have heard about the recent dragon slaying. Do not believe those who say the creature was but a babe - I assure you it was not, it was a mighty beast. So huge it took a whole band of us, the bravest of warriors, to bring it to its most gruesome death. Will you join us in a drink to celebrate?

Martin Dragonsbane:
Let me start by saying: killing the dragonling Dvorak was the right thing to do. I hear the rumours in the town - the whisperings behind my back - that we, without mercy, killed a baby dragon fresh from the egg. Do not question our actions, Adventurers!
You saw for yourselves the size of the beast, its mighty wings, its power and ferocity. Young though it was, the dragonling already had a literal cult following. As the dragonling grew into a full dragon, the cult would have also grown consuming the minds of the gullible and easily-led like Jonah and that guy whose head I chopped off. Dragons need to be cut down wherever they stand to keep them from thriving and overrunning an area.
I know now that I was right to come to the land of Shaar. There are dragons here for the slaying, cultists to turn back towards the light (or, if I must, kill), and adventures to be had with good Adventurers like you fellows. I propose we stick together as we journey further into the continent.
Until we're next needed, I will be preaching the Good Word in the town square and playing the hymns of my Order on my new bagpipes.

Red Scarlotte:
Well fought, fellow adventurers!
I've never yet seen a beast larger or fiercer than Shardik, the most vicious owlbear in Mama Djinda's circus menagerie, or killed so many men, including that evil priest! I'm honoured to be able to join the Guild in the company of such seasoned companions, and looking forward to further adventures!
But I wonder whether that dragon's cult was only the beginning of something...darker.
And I'm also curious about the haunted forest... Who were those restless warriors now walking undead through blackened trees? What has happened there?
I suppose we will find out very soon...

I was right to go with my instincts not to trust the dragon worshiper freaks and go wait outside instead of the library like the rest of the group. 
I knew from the beginning of the mission that I was going to play an important part. Being the one who gave the final blow to the dragon made me question whether the D&D world would be a better place for everyone… if I had absolute power.
I got to meet some great fellows. I have to say that I was at first freaked out by Martin Dragonsbane - this fellow has some serious issues with dragons that need sorting out BUT he saved my life and by doing so… saved the entire mission
My victory dinner with Hector was real nice… even if it took a LOT more time to defrost the dragon meat that was frozen with my magic spell during the fight to kill it.
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