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2. How does this webforum work?

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2. How does this webforum work? Empty 2. How does this webforum work?

Post by Hector THE HAMMER Harken on Wed Jul 12, 2017 5:09 pm

When you register for this webforum you create a profile for your character. When posting, you will post in-character where it is reasonable to do so.

STRUCTURE aka basic webforum glossary
This website consists of categories.
Within each category there is one or more themed forums.
Within each forum are a series of topics.
Members can post their own topics and post replies to other members within topics.
Whenever you need to return to the main webforum simply click the title image at the top

The forum has four main categories:

The Tavern
This is where most of the action is. Tavern boasts, character chatter, loot division and general conversation. Post about anything, start a new topic or join in the conversations. If you can find him, pet Bastet, the Guild cat. Just remember to keep it all in character.

Upcoming Sessions
Each session has it's own forum within this category. Inside these forums you can register attendance for a session or discuss plans. Remember, what quest the party goes on is up to you! Find rumours and mysteries in the tavern or on the map if you need inspiration and come up with a plan. Run it by Hector in advance of the session and he will ensure you're ready to go!

Previous Sessions (archived)
To keep things tidy completed sessions will be relocated here. 

The Rules
This is where you are right now. Each topic in this forum covers an aspect of the game. Hopefully if you have any questions you can find answers here. Anything not answered, bring it up in the Tavern and Hector or Bastet the cat will help you!
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