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Nastie (session 3)

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Nastie (session 3) Empty Nastie (session 3)

Post by Nastie on Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:34 pm

The ogre mission has changed my heart from broken to bulletproof. Since the last mission, my spirit was weakened with sadness of lost love (mommy and Jack). As the mission to kill Tiny the ogre advanced, and as I saw my friends fighting with so much fearlessly and detachment for their own life, it made me critically reflect on my purpose.
Seeing the Necromancer Cult people again triggered painful memories of Jack. It look like the Necromancer cult have some fucked up brainwork done on themselves because Alan did not recognised me; he was a good friend of Jack and we use to hang out all the time.  It’s a pity that due to him being unreasonable he had to die. I just wanted some true straight answers but he lied straight into my face. Nothing boils my blood more than liars so I had no choice but have him used as bait for the ogre.
Whilst everyone on that day was courageous, Red Scarlotte was the queen of courage. Her genuine desire to complete the mission inspired me to act with courage. She left most of our enemies bruised and dead and some more running full of shame back into the forest. She was dauntless and agile in her attacks. Like superwoman she yielded her weapons to strike back at evil.  I will never forget the image of her vigorously cutting through the neck and head of the ogre to extract the skull. The blood (still warm) from the main arteries was squirting in all directions and soaking her long red silky hair. She hardly seemed to notice; too focused in her tasks of getting the skull out of the fleshy head to give it to the monolith.
The battle to kill the ogre was ruthless! Martin almost died and my companions were badly hurt. I always knew that the success of this battle was in my hand and that unless I act quickly, all my companions would end up being eaten alive by the Ogre. Gathering all my courage I fire-balled Tiny the ogre to the ground to his death in one single blow.
The night we came back from the mission, I took the sample of the Ogre brain and stir-fry it with some funny looking mushrooms I found in the forest. It had a weird effect on me and I don’t remember what happened next. The only thing I remember from that night was: me poking the belly button on Big Duncan while he was sleeping. Not sure if it was the Ogre brain or the mushrooms.
To sum all up: I entered the mission as a coward, left as a hero.... saved the life of all my companions…and got high.

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Nastie (session 3) Empty Re: Nastie (session 3)

Post by Hector THE HAMMER Harken on Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:13 pm

Wait, you guys used human bait to lure the ogre?

I hope this Alan chap deserved it...
Hector THE HAMMER Harken
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