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You made it back! Hooray! Loot within!

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You made it back! Hooray! Loot within! Empty You made it back! Hooray! Loot within!

Post by Hector THE HAMMER Harken on Thu Jul 06, 2017 11:28 am

Gef, Martin, Nastie, Duncan and Red.

I underestimated you! You did it!
Tiny the ogre is dead and the valley is safe again. As the victors I only think it's fair that you get to name the valley. We are the only explorer's in Sanctuary who are dedicated to mapping out these lands. Let me know your suggestions!

Martin's keeping track of all these new rumours, names and places in the tavern, feel free to drop in there and while you're there, also make sure everyone knows about your heroic exploits.

I'll divide your loot here...

The price on the ogre's head was 400 gold but I told the mayor no-one was gonna risk their life for that so he agreed to bump it up to 500. Plus you found a pouch of ten gold pieces on the body of some guy named Alan, apparently.

That's 510 gold...

102 gold pieces each! Jot that down on your character sheet/inventory sheet.

To the tavern! Let us discuss the victory! Mead for everyone! The Guild is the talk of the town lately. We are starting to get a bit more influence!
Hector THE HAMMER Harken
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