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Session 26: A most magnificent party

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Session 26: A most magnificent party Empty Session 26: A most magnificent party

Post by Aexidor Fargeiros on Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:15 pm

This past weekend, a most magnificent party was attended with much booze drunk and some fancy nibbles eaten, but there were also discoveries and dire consequences.

I got some very fine clothes of black velvet, a tailed coat and oh so many ruffles (Thank you Tak), to be the tiger for which I decided to be at this ball. See it was a masked ball and therefore I wanted to ensure although my beautiful features couldn't be seen, that they would see I was a person of finery and worth rubbing up next to (Velvet is just so nice to touch).

This ball was in a most exciting manor high above the island, in fact on a floating rock, such that we had to take an airship there and then a monorail. It gave the most magnificent view out, but I only paused ever so briefly as really the good stuff was inside. All the booze and some most exciting guests. All with animal masks. But none were as exciting as the most beautiful golden haired woman I saw, with an armour of white. I could tell she was a great warrior and although I tried a couple of times to flirt with her, she would not take a moment from her duty to twirl with me. And later we would discover that she is a most vicious foe.

Needless to say, we drank and chatted, I bumped into the Halfling Mayor, luckily he seemed to think I was a woman, so we took a brief twirl and I kept to ruse up, as we were incognito. Mr Chips did a most magnificent dance, oh did they work their way round the ballroom but not all took it well and my blonde beauty did stop Mr Chips. (They had also stolen silver platters, hidden under their wings to look for the reflections, to see if there was a vampire). And there was, but we had no idea who it was, only that the Cheetah mask was undead!

We discovered that there was a museum of interesting things and then above that another museum of even more interesting things. We managed to sneak around and found the Talisman of Pure Evil. With my great lock picking skills and being invisible thanks to Mr Chips, I managed to steal this talisman and make it back to the others in the party. However at this point disaster struck as the talisman's evil powers surged through me like poison and I passed out. Thankfully Jurathor was on hand to heal me and we made a dash for the monorail to make our escape before we were discovered.
Just as we left, my Blonde Beauty, I should say her name, Alyce, came after us but we were gone before she saw us. Heading down to the airship, we were pleased to be free and certain that heading back was not a smart move. But our relief was short-lived as the monorail stopped and then started heading back up the mountain, there was nothing we could do. With some quick thinking of the group, we hid the talisman in the forest we rode through (having put it in material so no one else was poisoned) and I did my best drunken fool when we made it to the top. Alas Alyce would still not dance, nor take up my offer of a night at my personal abode. 

But the Cheetah made himself known and it was that heathen Timor Vadaghast. Oh I would have loved to have smashed his face in, then and there to find out where my captains gold is and what he did with it. But I was in a weakened state and for once, I knew we needed to play the long game (I hate playing the long game, I would rather stab first, ask questions later).

Timor believed we had stolen a blade made of sunlight, which we had not amazingly, and we internally sighed to know we were actually innocent (or as innocent as a person like me can get, no fun in being innocent). We continued to be drunken fools and just as we thought we were in the clear, a man attacked Timor with the blade, striking him but only causing some burns. As Alyce struck him with her weapon (a fearsome weapon), he was thrown 10 feet and as his mask came off, it was revealed to be Hugo Penny (well the others tell me, just looked like some bloke to me, no one I had met). Alyce then dropped him off the floating island and bade us a pointed farewell to never return.
We did not need to be told twice. And so we headed off (with one more drink at the airship bar first).We will go back for I want my captains gold back and I want to make Timor suffer. And maybe if Timor is no more, Alyce may take me up on my offer.
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