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Adventure 24: The Reach of the Red Hand

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Adventure 24: The Reach of the Red Hand Empty Adventure 24: The Reach of the Red Hand

Post by RedScarlotte on Fri May 04, 2018 7:14 pm

Hello Friends!

Martin and I certainly have had an adventure! We wanted to explore the coast further West, near Durlusk, but upon leaving Sanctuary, we encountered six henchmen of the Red Hand, dressed in the red cloaks of this necromantic league and leading a monstrous Devil Dog. They were in pursuit of a former acolyte, Kendril, who had betrayed their secrets and whom they wanted to punish, and whom they beleived was to have gone to exile in Sanctuary. They did not get far! I took down two of them immediately with my bow, and Martin stuck the others. The Devil Dog was hard to bring down, but eventually, one of my arrows also found its mark...!

We found Kendril, who had taken shelter in the cellar of the temple, and, along with the Temple Priest, we helped him to find a new name and a new life as a dockworker. He is still badly traumatised by his time with the Red Hand, though, so may need the help and support of any healers in the town. Unfortunately, we were betrayed by Guenevere, formerly of the City Watch, who naively beleived that she was protecting Sanctuary from the Necromancers, however, if we had not known that the Necromancers were being alerted, we might have been overrun. She proved herself a hero in the end, though, giving her life to fight off the guards and their horrible undead who came to claim what they thought was Kendril in the deserted farmhouse outside of Sanctuary's walls!

Thankfully, after a quick battle, which saw a sizzling moonbeam raised by Martin, and a smiting of Petra, one of the leaders of the Red Hand, we managed to destroy the necromancers and their undead! But there will likely be more, so it will be important to be ever vigilent, as there may be others even in our midst! 

In the meantime, I hope that we can enjoy some festivities, and I am looking forward to performing some aerial acrobatics in the Tavern for your entertainment! 

- Red

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